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Vision 2040 Business Owner Survey

The Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (VIEDA) recently launched Vision 2040,  a federally-funded 20-year economic vision for the Territory.  The purpose of Vision 2040 – “Our Community. Our Economy. Our Future” is to create a roadmap for a diversified, self-sufficient, and prosperous economy for Virgin Islanders that currently reside in the territory and for those who have interest to return. 


As a business owner, it is very important for us to hear from you. That’s my purpose in writing to you now.  The VIEDA has developed a specialized survey for you and other business owners, and I’m asking that you kindly take 15 minutes to fill it out:



Thank you in advance for your help.  Your input will be invaluable as together we envision a more prosperous future for our beloved islands.

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