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Woman with yellow construction hat on working in a manufacturing plant


Vision 2040 identifies eight (8) target industries based on their potential to contribute to economic diversification through growth and job creation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Additional information on these industries can be found in Volume 5 of the Vision 2040 plan. 

 S   ervices    T    echnology    E    nergy    A   griculture   M   anufacturing

  "Blue Economy" Sector

Covered Plants


  • Aquaponics; aquaculture; hemp farming

  • Specialty foods, farm-to-table 

Graphic Designer

Professional/Tech Services

  • Financial; IT; customer service centers/back office

  • Remote work; consulting; diaspora co-ventures

Scuba Diver in Reef

Coastal/Ocean Resources

  • Marine/maritime; biology; sustainable harvesting

  • Medicinal; nutritional, alternative energy 

Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy

  • Solar; wind; tidal; wave; biomass; waste

  • New sustainable technologies

Health Sciences

  • Telemedicine; medical simulation

  • Specialty care and education

A Closer Look

Research and Development

  • Agri-tech; ocean; climate change

  • Healthcare; academic partnerships

Beer Maker in Brewery

Light Manufacturing

  • Regional foods; co-manufacturing

  • Resilient building materials

VI-Style Tourism

  • Heritage; culture; sports; adventure; wellness

  • Small conferences; casual-elegant lodging; dining

St Croix Sugar Mill Ruin
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